A. Kjærbede was created in 2016 by me, Adam Geertsen, with a desire to unite good quality and thoughtful design – at a price that most people can join. The basis of the brand is a solid ideology that price and quality do not necessarily correlate.

I myself have been in the fashion business for more than 20 years and have always missed the affordable luxury. I named the brand A. Kjærbede because Kjærbede means “man decision” in Bornholmsk, and it refers to the process that I went through when I started the project.

It took a lot of work and many critical decisions to reach the right manufacturer, the right materials and design. For me, it was a man decision that needed to create a product that I was proud of and wanted to take responsibility for.

The name also refers to Bornholm and Denmark. The Æ in Kjærbede emphasizes the brand’s Nordic origin, which also forms the basis for the design inspiration each season.

Kjærbede releases a collection a year. The inspiration is drawn from the general fashion image and the great trends of the time. This combined with a high degree of timelessness and classic expressions. The essentials of A. Kjærbede are a great focus on the details, which also raises the quality because each has a small function and shape on the individual sunglasses.

Kjærbede is a company created with passion and love, and it is still me who handles most of the processes, even though the team has expanded with agents and distributors throughout most of the world.

I hope you can sense the energy which is put into your new sunglasses when you unpack them. Our main purpose is that you are more than happy with your purchase.

The best and warmest greetings

Adam Geertsen

CEO and Founder