As a brand, we are highly committed to continuously improving our production processes and materials to keep up with the industry’s evolution and minimize our environmental impact. This means we focus on creating the best possible products that our customers will love and use for a long time. 

Regarding our products and production, the majority of our collection consists of classic styles that are repeated season after season. This is a deliberate choice to avoid overproduction and the need to discount products. Additionally, we only produce once a year and do not follow the traditional seasonal cycles seen in the fashion industry.

We constantly stay updated on new materials and alternatives. We work closely with our factory to create more environmentally friendly products. We are proud that our sunglasses consist, on average, of 50% recycled material and 15% bio-based material. Furthermore, our packaging is made from 70% recycled material. The products are BPA-free and nickel-free. Our paper is FSC-certified.

We have worked to increase the amount of recycled materials in our sunglasses, but after several quality tests, we had to abandon this for the time being because the materials became more porous. This would result in increased production, more defects, and worse durability. We believe it is better to produce fewer high-quality products than to produce a larger quantity that has to be sorted out and is less durable.

Despite our connection to the fashion industry, our sunglasses also serve a medical function by protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays and are therefore recommended for daily use. Sunglasses are thus a necessity that requires a certain quality.

We have opted for slow shipment for our products. This means they are transported by ship once a year, wherever possible. Shipping by sea is currently one of the least CO2-emitting options due to better fuel efficiency, larger cargo capacity, and lower speed. Although the total emissions can still be significant, shipping by sea remains one of the better choices per unit of goods.

At A.KJÆRBEDE, we have a Code Of Conduct that our suppliers must adhere to. We ensure compliance with this by, among other things, regularly visiting our suppliers. Our Code Of Conduct particularly focuses on employee rights and opportunities, including maternity leave, working conditions, animal welfare, and anticorruption. You can access our entire Code of Conduct here.

We work with factories that are ISCC-certified, covering sustainable agricultural biomass, biogenic waste and residual products, non-biological renewable materials, and recycled carbon-based materials. We also ensure that our products meet international standards by obtaining FDA, BSCI, and Dropball certifications for each production series. Additionally, we perform third-party testing to ensure we meet safety standards and conduct chemical tests to comply with relevant requirements.